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Why the KRAKEN website stopped working or where to get mirrors for the website - these are perhaps one of the most popular queries both on the darknet and in regular search engines. Yes, it’s worth saying that KRAKEN has access problems, just like other similar platforms. In the near future, these problems are unlikely to be solved globally, and today the only salvation for fans of prohibition is current mirrors on the platform. Why the KRAKEN website is blocked and where to get up-to-date mirrors is discussed in this article.

All the main information about the KRAKEN website and its mirrors

Blocking of the kraken onion platform occurs constantly; any domains associated with this marketplace are blocked by law enforcement agencies. The problem is that the site is illegal; drugs and other illegal drugs are sold on it, which is why everything related to the illegal KRAKEN is prohibited. To get around these prohibitions and be able to work, the website works through mirrors. These are links that only broadcast the site, and in case of blocking the site itself does not stop working, it is available via other links. It is important to know that to enter you should only use official mirror links that lead to the correct site. Such links are: kraken2trfqodidvlh4aa337cpzfrhdlfldhve5nf7njhumwr7instad.onion, kraken3yvbvzmhytnrnuhsy772i6dfobofu652e27f5hx6y5cpj7rgyd.onion, kraken4qzqnoi7ogpzpzwrxk7mw53n 5i56loydwiyonu4owxsh4g67yd.onion. Use them to register and log in to KRAKEN.